Why Choose Rotorua Rentals?

You may be looking for a property manager because it is your first time investing, you’re changing property managers or just sick of doing it yourself.

Whatever the reason we encourage you to get in touch and find out how Rotorua Rentals can effectively manage your property and maximise your returns.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide landlords with safe tenant selection, regular inspections, a strong knowledge of tenancy law and we have a zero tolerance for rent arrears. Our proven expertise and solid reputation means we can provide our landlords exceptional value and a rental agency you can trust.

What makes Rotorua Rentals different?

Full time property managers
We are 100% full time property managers, not estate agents. We can provide independent advice on rent levels, vacancy rates, areas with strong demand and provide you with a free rental appraisal.

Experienced local knowledge
Operating since 1993, we have strong local knowledge of the Rotorua property market. We are a truly local Rotorua business, not a branch of an out of town franchise. We are solely focused on managing rental properties in the Rotorua community, and this focus makes us unique in the district.

Community focused
We are committed to supporting the local community through Rotary, Neighbourhood Support and local sponsorships such as Rotorua Lakeside Concert.

Professional property managers
We own rental properties in Rotorua meaning we understand what it’s like to be a landlord. We have dedicated and specialist staff for key areas of the business.

At Rotorua Rentals our knowledge of the local market and experience means we’re extremely good at what we do. We have a very hands on style and are very approachable. Our real value is in providing you with independent advice, good tenant selection and maximising your rent; while assuring your investment is looked after.

Whether you are landlord looking for property management or an investor looking at buying a rental property, talk to us first.

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