Tips & Tricks For Vacating Your Rental Property

Moving out of your rental property can be a busy time. As a tenant you have certain obligations to meet including returning the property in the same condition and level of cleanliness it was in at the beginning of tenancy.

The landlord needs the property ready to be tenanted again the same or next day and the tenant wants a fast and full bond refund. We’ve put together some tips for tenants to follow and some important things to note when vacating a rental property so that the handover is a stress-free process.

Tips for vacating your rental property

  • The time set for the final inspection is final, all cleaning must be completed, and keys returned.
  • Ensure skirting boards, edges, ledges, the tops of cupboards, light shades & behind the stove are clean from dust & dirt.
  • Clean away all cobwebs from inside & outside.
  • Ensure all basins, benches, shower, bath & toilet are clean and free from any grime or soap scum.
  • Ensure all flooring including carpets are clean and free from stains. Consider a commercial carpet cleaner
  • Ensure the kitchen hob and oven are cleaned.
  • Clean any marks off walls.
  • Don’t forget the outside. Lawns and gardens need to be neat. Ideally hire a mowing contractor. Ensure gardens are weed free and remove any rubbish.
  • Return all remotes & keys for heat pumps, garages or any other appliances. Failure to return keys may results in locks needing to be changed.

Important things to note:

  • Final inspections cannot be booked on weekends or public holidays.
  • At times there is no option to return the following day to fix something that was forgotten. Needing to return can potentially incur another day of rent, or if someone is moving in the same or next day and the property is not clean enough an emergency cleaner may be employed at your cost.
  • Holding back your last weeks of rent with the intention of it being covered by the bond is a very bad idea and is a breach of the tenancies act. This will also impact on your future rental reference.

It is important not to add stress by overlooking something which could delay the process or cost you money. Take pride in getting the property ready to ensure a quick and full bond refund.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about vacating your property.