FAQ's For Tennants

Why must I pay a letting fee?
The Residential Tenancies Act allows us to do so and covers some of the costs of advertising, documentation and our time showing prospective tenants through property, especially during the weekend or on Public Holidays.

Why does the letting fee attract GST?
Because it is payment for a service.

Can I pay the bond off in instalments?
The answer is no. The bond, like the letting fee, has to be paid in full before the tenancy starts. In some cases we will allow for a bond to be transferred from your current tenancy.

I want to start putting some of my stuff into the house before the start date.
Sorry but no - the Insurance company would not pay out if your belongings get stolen or damaged and the owners insurance wouldn't cover it either, not only that but any damage caused by your belongings (leak from a container maybe) would not be covered and the cost of repair would be down to the property owner.

After I move in I find damage not noted on the ingoing condition report, what happens then?
When you collect the keys we talk about that in some detail, and give you a copy of the report, so we ask that you take a while to check our report carefully but get back to us - IN WRITING - within 3 days if you think we have missed something. We also take a lot of photos, and we suggest you do the same.

If I lock myself out or lose my keys do I get the locksmith to send you the bill?
No that is a direct cost to you.

If the landlord wants to sell, what rights do I have?
Good question; Of course the owners have the right to sell, but you have rights too and you don't have to be bullied by a sales agent demanding open homes and "any time" viewing. Open homes are great for Agents but are an invasion of your privacy, but ideally you should make set times for viewings with the agent, such as three certain days a week between certain hours i.e Tuesday, Friday and Saturday between 2.00 and 3.00 pm, and the agent MUST give you at least 48 hours notice to view at any time outside the agreed times. You are also not obliged to allow interior photos to be taken as that might attract a thief who sees your lovely Stereo on the photo, so you are allowed to not allow them to be taken!

You do routine inspections, and I want to be there at all of them.
That's fine as long as you can fit in with our schedule. The Act allows us to do inspections provided we deliver proper notice to you, but there is no requirement in the Act for you to be there. We don't do inspections in the dark or at weekends so asking for that to be done at 6.00pm on a dark winters night is not going to work.

Why don't you allow dogs?
An owner can stipulate any legal rules they want and dogs have attacked members of our team in the past, even soft cuddly dogs that wouldn't hurt a fly!

Can I require that carpets be commercially cleaned before we move in?
No you can't because the Act only requires carpets to be reasonably clean. Very often a new tenant will arrange to get that done before moving in so it's a good policy, where possible, to allow 3 or 4 days between moving in and moving out so you can get that done.

What do I have to do to get my Bond back?
On our web site, under the tenant tab, there is a video about that which you might find useful? It is also important to make sure your rent is paid up right to your vacate date - ­using the bond to cover the last few week's rent of your tenancy might result in legal action and a negative reference against you.