Property Investment Tips

What to Consider When Looking to Invest in a Rental Property

Purchasing an investment rental property can be a fantastic way to secure your financial future and generate wealth. However, like any investment, research and planning is key to success. As the age old saying goes ‘Failure to plan is to plan to fail’. To provide some planning guidelines, we’ve outlined some key points to consider when taking the plunge into the property investment pool.


Why it’s important to get an independent rental appraisal

One of the benefits of owning an investment property is the extra income it can generate, so all investors want to ensure they are maximising their return on investment or able to cover mortgage repayments. We highly recommend getting a professional rental appraisal completed which will detail what level of rent the property might generate.


Why You Need A Professional Property Manager

Private Rentals vs Managed Rental Properties

The debate around hiring property managers isn’t new – it’s been going on for over 25 years. Plenty of great do-it-yourself (DIY) & private landlords are spending their time managing their rental properties, there are also people who suffer expensive lessons when self-managing their property. This is where a property manager can help.


Changes planned to the Residential Tenancies Act – Have your say

The NZ government has launched a survey about the proposed reforms to the Residential Tenancies Act. This is an opportunity for both landlords and tenants to share their opinion about what they would like to see changed, so please take advantage of this opportunity to officially have your say.


Investors Guide to Rotorua

Are you investing in Rotorua property? If you are considering buying a rental property in Rotorua, please talk to us first. We are not real estate agents and don’t sell any property so that makes us 100% independent. We will provide you impartial and accurate advice about rent levels and vacancy rates.


Why New Zealand real estate is a good investment.

People generally chose to invest to ensure present and long-term financial security for not only themselves but for family. Smart investments can provide financial security and income.
Let us tell you the reasons that real estate is historically, and continues to be, a good choice for investors.