Property Investors

So what are the benefits for you, the landlord?

Safe Tenant Selection

Potential tenants complete a written application form that enables us to carry out thorough checks, including reference verification and credit check, thus reducing the risk to you. We only offer properties to verified applicant after they have been successfully interviewed.

While vacancies are inevitable, we have a strong incentive to find and retain tenants for your property. it is our job to find the right tenant for you, and this is possible through our focus on building strong relationships with all potential tenants.

To further this, we server as an emergency contact for both landlords and tenants alike, and are available seven days a week, whether via internet and phone or in person.

Regular inspections are an important means of keeping in touch with the tenants, and an eye on your investment! The cost of this is included in our management fee, unlike most other companies in Rotorua. This keeps costs down and inspection frequency up, meaning your property is safer.

We also attend mediation should any disputes arise. Our experience with property management law means we’re able to advise on solutions to any difficulties, as well as maintaining goodwill, which enables us to keep the tenant as a long-term asset If required.

Structured Rent Collection

We use online banking to carry out daily checks for payments. Should non-payment occur, we find out why and create solutions for preventing this in the future. In our experience, early diagnosis of a problem with non-payment allows for constructive decisions to be made, and assists in defusing possible confrontations.

We pay our landlords twice a month, and send all-inclusive monthly statements covering every cost incurred and income received.

Protection for Your Investment

We are not part of a Real Estate Sales Office. We are not a branch of an out of town franchise. We are solely focused on managing rental properties in the Rotorua community, and this focus makes us unique in the district.

The 1976 Real Estate Agents Act was repealed and replaced in 2008 and that legislation specifically excluded property management, therefore we are no longer real estate agents and very pleased to be property managers.

To provide greater credibility to our industry we have joined The Leading Property Managers of New Zealand which is very exciting for us and the industry as a whole.

We also offer the only insurance policy endorsed by REINZ: the Landlords Preferred Policy from REAL Landlord Insurance NZ Ltd. Contact us for more details on this.

Reasonable and Comprehensive Fees

Our fee for residential landlords is 9% plus GST, and as well as covering all the general management duties, this also includes our time and attendance at Tenancy Tribunal hearings, mediation meetings and evictions. We do charge a separate fee if we arrange any repairs and maintenance. If you have several properties with us, we can also consider a fee reduction on a case-by-case basis.

Proven Expertise and Solid Reputation

With an interest in buildings strong long-term relationships with both our tenants and landlords, Rotorua Rentals has established a reputation for excellence and proficiency. We frequently carry our rental appraisals for property investors who are keen to obtain an unbiased point of view from a company with a realistic approach and no hidden agenda.

The Directors

The Principal Officer of Rotorua Rentals, Pauline Evans, has a wealth of experience in Property Management and in Real Estate markets.

As part of her strong commitment to the community, Pauline is a past president and trustee of Rotary Club of Rotorua West and long time committee member of Neighborhood Support Rotorua. She gained an MBA from Massey University as well as a Diploma in Business Studies, and has been an associate of the REINZ since 1996. She worked for AMP Properties and Harcourts in Wellington before moving to Rotorua in 1993, and she has been a property manager since 1995.

She is a property investor too, so she knows all the ups and downs of being a landlord.


Management Authority


Emergency Contact




The OWNERS(s) appoints Rotorua Investments Ltd, or their ASSIGNEE, to act as their exclusive AGENT upon the terms and conditions stated below for renting, tenanting, collecting rentals and managing of the premises scheduled above and agrees to pay the charges as prescribed herein until the agency is terminated in writing by either party upon three month’s written notice.

Fees and Charges

  1. The AGENT is hereby authorized to charge and deduct from rents collected a commission for the management of this property set at 9.0% of all rents collected.
  2. The commission charged for managing property does not cover the costs and time our company incurs in arranging, supervising and making payment for major repairs or renovations to the property. A fee for such work, based on a %age of the cost of such work, will be agreed with the OWNERS(s) prior to work commencing.
  3. All the above charges are GST exclusive. The owner agrees to pay, and authorizes deduction of GST thereon.


PAYMENTS TO BE MADE ON BEHALF OF OWNER(s): The Agent is authorized to pay the following accounts on behalf of the OWNER(s):

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Our Preferred Service Providers

At Rotorua Rentals, we only employ the services of reputable, reliable and experienced service providers.

Mortgage Brokers

The Mortgage Centre
Ph 07 345 8001

Building Inspectors

Inspect BoP
Ph 07 347 7410

Registered Valuers

Telfer Young
Ph 07 348 1059

Chattels Valuers

Ph 07 839 3272

Insurance Brokers

Dawson Insurance
Ph 07 348 0479

Specialist Landlord Insurance

Real Landlord Insurance NZ Ltd
Ph 09 438 0650

Tenancy Services

Department of Building and Housing
Ph 0800 737 666