Reasons to Hire a Property Manager

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You may be a first-time investor or sick of doing it yourself. Whatever the reason we encourage you to get in touch and find out how Rotorua Rentals can effectively manage your property and maximise your returns.

A dedicated property manager will handle all the details for you making the entire process stress free for you.

Here are just a few reasons why you should hire a property manager to look after your investment property.

Expert tenant selection

  • We already have a waiting list of approved tenants searching for the right property. This means that 30% of our rented houses are signed up in days rather than weeks.
  • Tenants with a bad history avoid property managers like the plague because they know we have lots of good checking systems. Often tenants with bad credit history attempt to rent privately from unsuspecting owners.
  • We keep a good business-like relationship with our tenants and don’t tolerate them breaking the rules. Owners can fall into the trap of getting friendly with a tenant which can make certain conversations tough and cause conflict.
  • We have videos and references on our website showing vacating tenants how we expect a house to be ready for their vacate inspection and what is required for a fast and full bond refund.

Advertising & Promotion

  • We know what sort of advertising works and what doesn’t, it is a skill we have built up over the years. We use three websites; our window displays and our wide circle of contacts in Rotorua.

First Class Tenancy Agreements & Bond Collection

  • Tenancy agreements have to be first class, second best will not cut it in the Tenancy Tribunal.
  • We use an eight-page document from the Auckland District Law Society and we frequently update the agreements to cover law changes.
  • We collect all ingoing money, including the bond (equivalent to four weeks rent) and lodge it in our Trust Account. Bonds are sent within 23 working days to the bond centre as required by the Act.

Inventory, Condition Reports & Routine Inspections

  • When we show a prospective tenant through a property we make sure they really understand what we require from them in terms of care and consideration.
  • We record the ingoing inventory and condition report at the start of a tenancy, using lots of photos to record the detail. Tenancy Tribunals are very tough on landlords who have not kept this up to date and accurate.
  • We conduct regular inspections which is SO important. You would be amazed at how many DIY landlords simply don’t bother, because they trust the tenant. However, to be successful with insurance claims requires you to have completed regular 13-week inspections.
  • Our landlords have remote access, so you can go direct into our system and access your information from where ever you are located.

Landlord Insurance

  • We have access to the specialised landlord insurance form that DIY landlords cannot use. This insurance is regarded as the number one landlord insurance product in New Zealand.

Tenancy law knowledge & Tenancy tribunal expertise

  • Our knowledge of tenancy law is second to none. Tenancy law is a complex subject and we often pick up new business from DIY owners who have innocently fallen foul of tenancy legislation and been hit with fines.
  • If things go wrong, we have experience with mediation and the Tenancy Tribunal. This service is included in our management fee structure, except the initial application fee. This is charged to you and then refunded when we win.
  • We stay on top of all legislation changes which affect landlords and minimise any risks where landlords could get hit.

Efficient Rent Collection

  • Missed rents can become a nightmare if you have a mortgage, we check every week day and know by mid-morning if a rent has been missed. We have heard every excuse and can look between the lines, we take immediate action to contact the tenants.
  • Monthly statements are sent to landlords to that you can use them for your annual Tax Return and pay out twice a month too.

A property manager is about managing people, and our experience and expertise will benefit you and protect the value and cash flow from your investment.

Please get in touch if you are thinking about using a property manager, we can provide you with a complimentary rental appraisal and advice.

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