Keeping It Simple

At Rotorua Rentals we believe in keeping it simple: we rent houses. That’s what we do. And since that’s all we do, we do it extremely well! We know that whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, you'll want to choose agents who have knowledge of Property Management, of Real Estate and of your community. And that is us.

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New Properties

Welcome, Property Investors

If you already have one or more rentals here in Rotorua and are considering using a property manager for the first time then there are benefits in using us.

If you are considering buying a rental property in Rotorua, please talk to us first. It’s crucial to get impartial and accurate advice about rent levels and vacancy rates and we can provide your mortgage lender with a written appraisal.

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Rental Appraisal

Rotorua Rentals offers complimentary rental appraisals for prospective investors.

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